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Our Philosophy

At our core, we are driven by the pursuit of growth. Growth isn't just a corporate goal; it's a guiding force and a shared mantra for everyone associated with our organization. Our mission revolves around inspiring personal and professional growth in every individual. We firmly believe that growth is the only constant that should permeate our culture.

Respect forms the bedrock of every positive relationship. We've cultivated a culture of respect not only for one another but also for those who work alongside us and for those we serve—our audience. Our way of respecting our audience is by crafting stories that resonate deeply with them, stories that evoke emotions, and stories that leave them pondering profound thoughts.

In the words of Darren Aronofsky, "Art is about disruption; you have no excuse to make empty films..." We embrace this philosophy as a means of honoring our audience by affording them the dignity of thought.

Embedded in our DNA are concerns for the environment, a commitment to the well-being of children, a steadfast dedication to the safety of women, and a continuous inquiry into our contribution to our country and the legacy we leave behind. To address these concerns, we are proudly associated with two noteworthy NGOs: Amcha Ghar, which provides a loving home to orphaned girls, and MukkaMaar, dedicated to empowering underprivileged adolescent girls through self-defense training.

We stand united in our belief that growth, respect, and a deep sense of social responsibility are the pillars upon which we build a meaningful and impactful legacy.

Meet the Team



Ratna Pathak Shah

My heartiest congratulations to Babita Ashiwal for her new production house Eunoia House. I have always found you to be efficient, hard working, helpful, and your calmness has been useful in emergencies. My blessings and good wishes are with you, always.

Ratna Pathak Shah

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